White House: “Open For Questions” Stats

Quick statistics (as of 3/25/2009 at 4:06 PM) for some popular terms based on the search results on the White House’s “Open For Questions” site:

Business Marketing The Sky Is Falling

Summary of “Advertising is Failing” on TechCrunch

Like hundreds of others, I have to respond to Eric Clemens Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet article on TechCrunch because it appears to be linkbait or flamebait, or worse. What follows is a summary and discussion of his arguments, most of which seem to ignore the past 14 years of internet evolution.

Business Marketing The Sky Is Falling

Advertising is the Canary

This expression relates to the coal mining days when ventilation in coal mines was often insufficient, and mining was was a very dangerous and difficult task. Coal miners would bring a canary with them. Canaries tend to be sensitive to methane and carbon dioxide and so when the canary died

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Chrome problems with window focus (workaround)

Found a workaround for a window focus problem with Google’s Chrome browser.

DNS Email System Administration Technical

DKIM TXT Records in DNS exceeding 255 characters

Wow. It’s 2009, and apparently DNS can only support reading configuration file lines which are not greater than 255 characters. I received the following error

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Monster should be burned at the stake for email practices

I used Monster three years ago, and they just don’t get it. As a quick comment on the service, it’s the “shotgun” effect of

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Being Safe with Craigslist Sales

We accumulate a lot of junk in life. And when I say we, I think I mean the “American People”, but what I really mean is: me. My mother has perfected the art of accumulating things: She still resides in the house-I-grew-up-in (a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom home) wherein each and every room is populated […]

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Facebook reverts to old Terms of Service (TOS)

Score one for the users. Facebook changed their terms of service back to the pre-February-4th version. Over the past few days, we have received a lot of feedback about the new terms we posted two weeks ago. Because of this response, we have decided to return to our previous Terms of Use while we resolve […]

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Facebook TOS “takes away” your ownership rights

As I’ve become embroiled in the hulaballoo over Facebook’s Terms of Service changes on Sunday, there have been many discussions on Facebook (and off) concerning the concept of ownership. Ownership, in the legal sense, related to “rights” over content. (Or Intellectual Property, in this case.) Photos, Images, Drawings, Music, anything you type into a web […]

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Upgrading … This may take a few minutes. (Firefox)

I recently updated to Firefox 3.0.6, and even prior to this I noticed a message box appeared every time a new window opened: I’m not a big fan of this whole waiting thing, especially