System Administration Technical

Pattern for setting root paths in a bash binary

I find myself constantly seeking to set up a coding pattern where I have a project (say, a web application) which has root directories such as: bin public classes theme vendor/bin etc etc. where various resources for our application are stored. What is essential is that that sometimes there are multiple versions of an application […]

Development Technical

Git Recipes

This is a placeholder for things I do in git which I have to look up often. Remove a branch from git git push origin –delete branch_name git branch -d branch_name If there are unmerged changes which you are confident of deleting: git branch -D branch_name References article how to remove git branches.


I’ve abandoned SmartThings for Wink

I’m an amateur Home Automation hobbyist; we did some construction on our house a few years back and I took the opportunity to select a variety of Z-Wave switches and devices to replace our existing light switches; and over time I’ve replaced existing switches with their Z-wave equivalent. For the uninitiated, I can basically turn light switches on […]

Business Development Technical

“Shining up a turd” , or Visual design vs. Code quality

I believe people experience software usually across two main dimensions, which is a sliding scale: Visual design: Polished to Primitive Polished: Cool slick, and well styled cohesive and easy to use. Most Apple products fall into this vein. Primitive: The controls are there, the aesthetics sure aren’t, but gets the job done. I’m thinking the airline reservation […]


Solving the middle level of Rubik’s Cube

While I’m by no means an expert on Rubik’s cube solving, I’ve been able to solve it since a babysitter taught me how as a teenager. It’s also a nice party trick if you can solve it. My son recently showed an interest in solving the cube, and so I figured I’d document the process […]

Personal The Sky Is Falling

Broke my ankle

I broke my ankle the day after Memorial day last month. I did it when I slipped on a diving board and the board cracked my right fibula. Huge bummer. Here’s what you start to appreciate once you’ve gone through something like this: Your spouse who brings you food while you recover from surgery Wheelchair accessible […]

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Adobe products are buggy. Bring on HTML 5!

I’m starting to think that Steve Jobs is right, mostly about reliability, security and performance of Adobe products. Maybe I’m just following his lead, but for the money I’ve spent on their product

Privacy Security

Witty retort to “I’ve got nothing to hide”

Since I enjoy the discussion of privacy, especially with regards to the internet, and have serious concerns about the number of large corporations which now track every single page view of internet users, this article by Daniel J. Solove regarding surveillance is really compelling. It focuses on the claim of surveillance advocates, “If you have […]


Penchant for puns

My wife (and her entire family, actually) have a penchant for making the most hilarious puns, usually unintentionally. Her most recent contribution: “I would love to see the Columbia River Gorge. It’s gorgeous!”

Education Politics

The Harms of Homeschooling: A Retort

I was notified of an article posted in the Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly from the University of Maryland. An article “The Harms of Homeschooling“, authored by Robin L. West, begins with specious arguments and then digresses into the ridiculous, and finally argues against his/her own points. First, let me give a caveat: Ms. West […]