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Broke my ankle

El Ankle Brokeno
El Ankle Brokeno

I broke my ankle the day after Memorial day last month. I did it when I slipped on a diving board and the board cracked my right fibula. Huge bummer.

Here’s what you start to appreciate once you’ve gone through something like this:

  • Your spouse who brings you food while you recover from surgery
  • Wheelchair accessible ramps
  • Stairs with hand rails
  • Friends who ask how you’re doing, and even kind enough to drive you around
I was “out of commission” for about a month and a week, and my ankle has since been recovering slowly. I can’t run, still, and the ankle still seems swollen (I’ve been assured that this is something that takes up to 6 months to resolve.)

The biggest issues has been that I was unable to exercise for about 6 weeks, and because of that I’ve started developing lower-back problems. What I’ve found is that when my back hurts, the best thing is to get some exercise and when you get your blood flowing, most body aches and pains dissipate.