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Git Recipes

This is a placeholder for things I do in git which I have to look up often. Remove a branch from git git push origin –delete branch_name git branch -d branch_name If there are unmerged changes which you are confident of deleting: git branch -D branch_name References article how to remove git branches.

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“Shining up a turd” , or Visual design vs. Code quality

I believe people¬†experience¬†software usually across two main dimensions, which is a sliding scale: Visual design: Polished to Primitive Polished: Cool slick, and well styled cohesive and easy to use. Most Apple products fall into this vein. Primitive: The controls are there, the aesthetics sure aren’t, but gets the job done. I’m thinking the airline reservation […]

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Automatically determining PageRank, or, unsigned integers in PHP

Market Ruler, LLC develops software for web marketers – and as such, I’m always on the lookout for new technologies to make life easier on the PPC and SEO crowd. I recently took the SEOMoz toolset for a spin, and in one of their tests, I saw that they automatically checked the Google PageRank of […]

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Chrome problems with window focus (workaround)

Found a workaround for a window focus problem with Google’s Chrome browser.

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Top 5 Most Useful non-native PHP functions

As a veteran PHP developer, a count down my five most useful PHP functions not built into the language. Save time and write better code by using some simple PHP code snippets.