Is anyone worried that Google keeps grabbing more traffic?

Google snapped up reCAPTCHA recently. I’m feeling worried. As well, I must have been in a news bubble there, but they also acquired FeedBurner, in, like, 2007. They just re-branded it recently, which is probably why I didn’t notice.

Now, I don’t put on the tinfoil hat very often, but Google keeps snapping up large wedges of the internet traffic pie. I’m getting more and more confident that Google wants to monitor all of your internet activities, all the time. Their goal, to provide the best targetted advertising, means they need to understand their users better. And to understand their users better, they need to watch everything they do.

It all started, surreptitiously enough, with the Google Toolbar. Sure, the toolbar sends every page view (URL) back to Google so they can report Page Rank, the marketing nerd’s “Hot or not” number. Seemed benign enough at the time. But sending them every URL you’re looking at is gravy for determining your interests and habits. Because, of course, they have a copy of every web page out there and have a general idea of what’s on it. That was happening back in 2003, and we’re now in 2009 and things are much, much worse.

Each acquisition they have made has been the purchase (and centralization) of a massive amount of traffic. YouTube, DoubleClick, now reCaptcha all add a massive amount of new traffic which they can now monitor. The free and sexy Google Analytics means that webmasters voluntarily give up their traffic and page views back to Google.

As I already stated, they currently have access to monitor 9 out of every 10 pages.

With FeedBurner, they also know when you read a news article from your news reader (that is, click through). And because everything goes through the top-level domain, they can tag you with a cookie to treat you uniquely everywhere you go.

Another interesting tidbit: FireFox uses services to manage Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware lists. Now, I’m not 100% certain, but it does inform Google when you’re browsing the internet, but it doesn’t inform them which pages you are viewing. It downloads a list of known malware sites every 30 minutes. To see the URLs it uses, type about:config in your FireFox address bar, click past the scary warning, and type in “google” in the search bar at the top of the page (not the browser). Right now it’s:{moz:client}&appver={moz:version}&
(There are like 5 other URLs)

Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware, obviously, is intended to be for our benefit, but if Google was truly benevolent, they would put it on an alternate domain name so they couldn’t track our usage, no?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pithy advice or sage wisdom about what to do about it. Google is becoming more and more powerful, and over time, pissing off more and more people. I have been switching my search engine regularly.

Microsoft held a similar place of distrust in my mind during the 90s and early 00s, but I switched to Mac, and now only raised an eyebrow to Cupertino on occasion.

Just remember: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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Yes!! Finally, someone who understands my not-so-paranoid paranoia about Google!

When gmail was first introduced, I discovered Google’s shady habbits in a site called “gmail-is-too-creepy” (dot com).

People don’t realize the magnitude of Google’s reach, are unaware of (or don’t understand) its data mining practices, and most importantly, know what those things translate into regarding individuals’ privacy. (Pay attention to the companies its buying, and note how it alters snoopy aspects of those sites once it acquires them).

Look at YouTube, for example. Today I discovered that I can’t sign into YouTube anymore unless I unblock Google cookies.

I’ve been blocking Google cookies for years, and my YouTube account was created in 2006. That was long before Google bought it, inserted its awful ads (which I proudly block) and changed YouTube’s interface to resemble a Google clone.

But suddenly, no joy. I can view YouTube videos, but not comment on them unless I let Google store its mess in my computer. Fine by me — for now.

I temporarily allow the cookies and delete them after I comment. But who wants to go through that mess each time, just to have a bit of entertainment?

Google is evil. People will laugh at me now for saying that, but in a few years… just watch.

They track us and sell our info, people.
We’re numbers for their profit, not “members”.

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