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The death of the email link

You can contact me at “kent -at- no spam marketruler dot no spam com”, and remove the term “no spam” from that address. And I kid you not, you see this on a lot of sites, even ones which

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Why people like ConversionRuler

In full disclosure, I work for Market Ruler, LLC which makes a Marketing Tracking Tool for Marketing Agencies called ConversionRuler, and have a vested interest in the success of aforementioned company. That said, I recently had the pleasure of working with a new sales consultant, who asked a rather benign question: Why do your customers […]

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Time is hard

I’m talking about time as represented by, say, your watch, and I’m talking about it in context of internationally agreeing on time. You think about time and it’s no big deal, right? Twice a year we have to change our clocks for some insane reason which has to do with farmers milking their cows or

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Kent’s Life Lessons on Selling Your Home By Owner

The following is a summary of tips originally posted to a mailing list about For Sale By Owner and Buying/Selling your Home. Working with Realtors Get a lockbox. It will save you countless hours if the house is unoccupied. As a general rule as well, if someone calls, make sure they are actually a Realtor […]

Analytics Marketing Privacy The Sky Is Falling

Google, Yahoo! and everyone is tracking you!

Big bad corporations everywhere are tracking your every activity online! Run for the hills!


RAID 5 and MySQL is NOT recommended

Formatting a drive using RAID 5 is a very big mistake when setting up a high performance MySQL database server.

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Top 5 Most Useful non-native PHP functions

As a veteran PHP developer, a count down my five most useful PHP functions not built into the language. Save time and write better code by using some simple PHP code snippets.